Ciox is modernizing clinical research. We put reliable data into the hands of dedicated researchers to improve patient experiences and bring lifesaving therapies to market.

Untangling Medical Data, Unlocking Real-World Insights

Health data is fragmented across the healthcare ecosystem. The Ciox DataFit Platform is designed to overcome today’s largest data barriers for translational research, which distort the true picture of a patient’s healthcare journey. We make clinical source data accessible, normalized, standardized, and de-identified, while preserving lineage and protecting privacy.

The result: We enable you to develop real-world evidence from clinical data reliably and consistently.


Comprehensive Access

With EMR data, it’s all about getting the whole story. Ciox RWD accesses nuanced data regardless of provider systems, therapeutic areas, care settings, or IT systems.


Deep Expertise

Tons of data isn’t enough if it doesn’t make sense. Ciox RWD taps clinical informatics specialists with 20+ years of experience to ensure source data translate into research-grade information.


Privacy & Compliance

Data liquidity is important—privacy is everything. Ciox RWD is built on a foundation of more than 40 years of privacy and compliance. It’s core to our business.

The DataFit Platform

We provide a high-fidelity, analytics-ready sandbox designed to transform medical research. Our 300+ data-model designers apply expertise in epidemiology, clinical informatics, and data science to aggregate disparate health data and construct cohorts from deep clinical data for your research.



Experts aggregate and de-identify data from disparate sources


AI and cloud-native technologies normalize unstructured information


APIs deliver clean, analyzable, and traceable fit-for-purpose data sets

Ciox applies a systems-thinking approach to overcome the inherent collisions between healthcare stakeholders, which have inadvertently limited use of real-world data in transformative research.

Jeff GartlandPresident, Ciox Real World Data


Guarding Privacy to Power Better Healthcare

Privacy and HIPAA compliance are integral to Ciox. An individual’s medical record is a confidential representation of their story and should be shared only with those they authorize. Privacy is fundamental to how we organize, build, and operate to support our partners and the communities they serve.

  • Secure connections to over 18,000 health providers and 140+ health plans
  • 30,000 employee-training hours in compliance according to industry privacy standards

Our accomplishments in security are recognized by accreditation and validation organizations.



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